Hi, and welcome to Brewtinerie

Brewtinerie is an idea. It’s an interesting idea, it’s a popular idea, it may even be a good idea — but it’s an idea.

The idea is to take a vacant heritage building in downtown Brandon, a building that served for a 100 years as Brandon’s main fire hall, and turn it into a brewpub.

We want to bring brewing back to Brandon. But we also want to protect and celebrate a historic structure. And we want to keep it all downtown, truly Brandon’s hub.

The building is up for sale — and bids are due by August 31, so we have our work cut out for us.

We’re updating this site as much as we can, but we know that many of you have questions about our plans. Click below for answers to some of the more common queries:

Grant has also written a couple of columns for the Brandon Sun that have loads more details in them:

In other media, Grant also appeared for a few minutes on a radio call-in show. Listen to it here:

Want to know more right now? Email us info@brewtinerie.ca and we’ll answer what questions we can.